Wedding and engagement rings

Choosing an engagement or a wedding ring is not an easy task

At first glance, it may seem that an engagement or a wedding ring is a very simple accessory and that it shouldn't take long to find it. It's not an apartment or a car after all, right? However, when someone getting ready for engagement or preparing for a wedding wants to buy rings online and types in the search box words like: engagement rings prices, engagement rings Vilnius, wedding rings price, wedding rings Vilnius, they realise that the choice is really wide. Online stores offer a great variety of new, original, modern, made to order engagement and wedding rings. Countless different options! So how to pick the right ones and not to make a mistake?

The main and most important criteria when choosing rings is

Firstly, have in mind that an engagement or a wedding ring is the kind of accessory you wear every day. So think carefully about on which hand and finger you intend to wear it. Also think about comfort, your daily activities and lifestyle, how active your life is and what is your personal style. After all, an engagement or a wedding ring is a very easy to notice accessory, so it should reflect your personality and character. Perhaps the strict or modern shape of the gemstone would suit you best or maybe on the contrary, the matte, soft-toned, white gold wedding ring would look best on your finger. However, keep in mind that you don't have to limit your choice to the rings available in online stores. Express your unique style! Maybe you are interested in bespoke engagement rings? Or maybe you would like your engagement or wedding rings engraved? As you can see, definitely there are things to consider.

Engagement rings are most commonly worn on the left hand. So, you should find out the size of your fiancee's to be finger and then choose the right engagement rings. After all, you wouldn’t want an owner of small hands to wear a ring with brilliants that are too big and heavy on her hand. Classic engagement rings are an option that never disappoints.

Choosing wedding rings is a little easier. After all, you don't need to keep it in secret any longer, trying to guess the size and type to suit your love's hand best and to make her happy. Usually it is preferred that wedding rings are made of the same metal as engagement rings. While yellow and white gold go well together, people tend to choose either the same metal or at least the same colour metal. Why choose the same colour metal? Sometimes people want to make one ring out of two to wear less jewellery. If this is the case, you really wouldn’t want to mix yellow gold with white gold.

Prices for wedding and engagement rings

Wedding rings in Kaunas, wedding rings in Vilnius, engagement rings in Kaunas: it doesn't matter in which city the online store is located. After all, the most important thing is to find the most suitable ring. Surely, if you can to try rings on live, it gives an online store en edge! But you shouldn’t make your choice based on that alone. Customers often ask how to determine the best price-quality ratio for wedding rings and engagement rings? There is no right answer. The price of engagement rings and wedding rings is rarely surprising. Each product is very unique, so it is simply impossible to say how much you should spend on a quality ring that you buy for life. Of course, you shouldn’t spend all your savings on rings, but try to choose rings not for their low price because you have to. After all, it is a symbol of your love and commitment to love each other forever. Make your choice carefully and don't rush!

Why us?

Online jewellery store provides an expert approach to both products and customer needs. We offer a wide range, exceptional prices, promotions and discounts, pleasant and professional service. We are not just a jewellery store. Behind the name lies a cherished for many years philosophy and a team of professionals seeking to satisfy all your requirements and help you choose wedding and engagement rings. The products sold in our store are made by highly experienced jewellery craftsmen. Many of them are craftsmen with 25 years of experience who have produced dozens of amazing pieces of jewellery. They value each product with the utmost care and apply extremely high quality standards to both their work and each product. So you can be sure that the jewellery, which you finally find after a long search, is made with great love, dedication and polished not only with sharp tools, but also with the extremely precise eye of a craftsman.

Quality is one of the most important criteria when choosing gold products, products with a diamond or any other bespoke piece of jewellery of an exclusive design. So we constantly introduce our customer service experts and jewellery masters to the latest trends and fashions from around the world of jewellery and precious stones. This is why the prices for pendants, earrings or engagement rings are affordable for those looking for an exclusive product.

Exclusively designed wedding rings, the best prices for engagement rings, bespoke and customized products are what we do every day. We sincerely believe that each piece of jewellery created by our craftsmen is designed to become part of a story. Wedding rings become witnesses to eternal love promise, earrings with diamonds could be a symbol of a long-awaited birthday, a pendant with a gemstone might take part in a long anticipated new move in someone's life. There are so many occasions!

The accessories you have chosen are not just a piece of jewellery that will delight you every day. It is also an chance to bring out your personality, to keep precious memories, to tell your story. Let us be part of that! In the e-store we offer free delivery around Lithuania and exclusive delivery terms to other countries, we provide the opportunity to purchase the desired jewellery and pay in installments, acceptable conditions of our partners apply. For your convenience, we offer a chance to view the desired products by prior arrangement with our customer service experts.

We understand that sometimes determining the correct size of the ring is difficult: the thickness of a finger depends on the weather conditions or an emotional state. So it’s no surprise that it can change after you place an order. If the rings you chose did not fit you: you need a larger or smaller size, we are ready to adjust the rings as soon as possible so that your special occasion would not be ruined. And if you still have plenty of time until your special day, we suggest you consider making jewellery to order. Our craftsmen with as long as 25 years experience are always ready to listen to your ideas, give advise and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Expert approach, professionals with many years of experience, a wide selection of jewellery: you will find everything you are looking for in store!